Rafael Summers (rafaelsummers) wrote in in_time_of_war,
Rafael Summers

Incidentally, I've been thinking about what you said about muggles, especially yesterday, since I went to see the poet's house with those muggles I told you about before. Actually, with Jessica; the others left us to ourselves so much that I do think it might have been a sort of date.

I think you might be forgetting: this is war. No one deserves war. You have to admit that it would be worse for the muggles if You-Know-Who won; if we could involve them, it would be in their best interests. So I really don't see why you seem to think it's such a terrible thing to consider.

As it is, they don't even know anything's going on. I had to keep remembering not to say anything to Jessica, and explaining my distraction to her as worry over my parents who are still ill. She said if they're not better soon I ought to get a doctor because it didn't sound like any floo she had ever heard of. I couldn't quite figure that one out, so I told her that I had already had two doctors, which impressed her.

Involving the muggles is really an academic question in any case, because I can't see the ministry doing it to get them on our side--it's much to radical a strategy--and I can't see that there's much they could do if You-Know-Who and the Death Eaters decided to go after muggles. There are far too many of them for us to protect. But from what has happened so far, the Death Eaters aren't going to do that, so it'll stay a wizarding conflict until someone wins.

I'm going out now; the noises from the fireplace have gotten worse, and I keep thinking about those herbs that are still in the cellar. What if someone wants them? I'd rather not be here if someone manages to break through the block on the Floo. I've sent an owl to Mum and Dad, but they were going to be traveling today, so who knows when it will get to them.
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