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In Time of War

Part of the Crowd

7/3/97 07:48 pm - quinnrivers

The cakes were a big hit, Rafe. Vi says she'll love you forever, which should scare you. Of course Gran wants to know which charms you used. Let me know if it was anything obscure, otherwise don't bother and she'll forget about it. She has enough to do talking to all the people here to find out what charms they use for all their day to day chores. Nothing interesting yet.

Vi and I walked around the island on the beach today while the tide was out. It's sunny and windy and the part of the island away from the village facing the muggle shore was almost deserted. We met a couple of French witches, and we talked a bit. Wish I knew more French. After they left Vi and I built a monstrous sandcastle. Got to keep the child occupied. It was exciting watching the tide destroy it--that's real destruction. A few waves, and it was all gone. The tide came in so quickly we had to run up into the rocks and go back to the village across the fields.

You'll tell me if anything happens in England? It's so sunny and pretty here, and I want to blast the whole place to smithereens whenever I remember we're not just on holiday.

7/2/97 12:08 pm - rafaelsummers

This is a test.
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