Quinn Rivers (quinnrivers) wrote in in_time_of_war,
Quinn Rivers

Hope you had a good day today, Rafe. I did.

Not that there was anything special about today, it was just nice. Vi's found a friend to build sandcastles with, and her sister is teaching me French, and the sun is warm and the sea is unchanging and tomorrow we're all going fishing on Cécile's father's boat. Cécile's Vi's friend's sister, if you couldn't tell. Vi's friend is called Émilie.

We're to look for Hippocampi on the way back from fishing, Cecile says she knows a place where you can sometimes see a herd browsing on seaweed near the surface.

Oh, and the wireless works. I got the Quidditch scores, and I hadn't even realized I cared until I got the scores and could relax about it.
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Tolerable. I spent the morning finishing up the paperwork. I made it down to the village in the afternoon, but I couldn't find a muggle girl to talk to. Everyone in the pub was either busy or old, so I went over to the tea shop but it was empty too. So I had tea and cakes and came home.

Is this Cécile pretty?
Shame. You should find some people to hang out with. What happened to that John with the boat from last summer? Is he still around?

She's rather pretty, I would say. Nothing special. She has a nice smile, it makes her seem friendly and cheerful. Just like this island, come to think of it. Sunny and welcoming.
I haven't seen him. I don't mind having time for reading. I still have a number of books I bought during term and didn't have time to read.

An exact answer, in the mode of admiration. What will Bethany say?
Yes, I know. It's the space under my bed you used when you ran out of room to store all your books. Never seen the library, I'd think if I didn't know better.

Why should she say anything?
I can't bring the Hogwarts library home with me, can I?

Have you broken up?
Who but you would want to? Well, you and Hermione Granger and a few of the Ravenclaws, maybe.

Rafe, Rafe, Rafe. Who's saying I tell her about Cécile? She doesn't have one of these, unless you sent her one without telling me, and that's not your kind of mischief.

But seriously, she's not the insanely jealous type. I keep telling you your experience with Tracey was not normal. Most girls don't go mad it you so much as glance at another girl.
Let's not talk about Tracey.


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Did you know that according to Garnant, a baby Hippocampus is born from an egg with a fully functional set of lungs? The lungs eventually atrophy. She claims the same is true of merpeople, but other authorities disagree.
No, I didn't know that.
Go Hellhounds!
The Hellhounds play Swivenhodge, not Quidditch. Get it right, Rafe. Last I heard, they're doing well.
Quidditch, Swivenhodge--it's all the same thing, basically.
Give over, Rafe.
They're extremely different? Okay, they're extremely different, and easily distinguishable to the practiced eye.