Quinn Rivers (quinnrivers) wrote in in_time_of_war,
Quinn Rivers

Hope you had a good day today, Rafe. I did.

Not that there was anything special about today, it was just nice. Vi's found a friend to build sandcastles with, and her sister is teaching me French, and the sun is warm and the sea is unchanging and tomorrow we're all going fishing on Cécile's father's boat. Cécile's Vi's friend's sister, if you couldn't tell. Vi's friend is called Émilie.

We're to look for Hippocampi on the way back from fishing, Cecile says she knows a place where you can sometimes see a herd browsing on seaweed near the surface.

Oh, and the wireless works. I got the Quidditch scores, and I hadn't even realized I cared until I got the scores and could relax about it.
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