Quinn Rivers (quinnrivers) wrote in in_time_of_war,
Quinn Rivers

I was up this morning in time to see the sun rise, but it's so foggy I couldn't tell when it did.

We had our family chat last night like I said. We played exploding snap and Gran told us that it was okay to worry, and that she was going to ask Dad to write every day without fail--you know how he is about writing, normally, but it's different now. She also said that if anything happened she was always here for us, and that we shouldn't hesitate to interrupt if anything happened like the other day when we came to rescue you (and I still say that we did rescue you, even if you didn't even need rescuing). But no more "your Gran of all people" from you, Rafe, she's officially volunteered to take care of everyone.

And we laughed a lot at the cards, and Vi cried a bit, and I told Gran about fifty times that I wanted to do something, and she actually listened. She's come up with something for me to do!

Seems Gran had been talking with enough folk who were worried about their children if something happened, and they all decided that it would be good if someone taught the children defense. Charms, and when to run away, and that sort of thing. They got M. Durand, who used to be an auror, to agree to the teaching, but he's also the one who repairs the boats and he has an orchard that requires a lot of work to keep up, so he insisted on an assistant to do the actual work.

So now I'm assistant in charge of French summer school. Never thought you'd hear that, did you Rafe?

M. Durand is a nice old bloke-- I've met him a couple of times. You'd never guess he'd been an auror, he doesn't look like it at all. The children all seem very well behaved-- I hardly notice them in the village.

This is going to be great!
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