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In Time of War

Part of the Crowd

In Time of War: Part of the Crowd
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This community is the main arena for the roleplaying game In Time of War: Part of the Crowd. The Harry Potter settings and characters are copyright JK Rowling (as if you didn't know).

How to read comments

The main entry dates will be set to the actual time of the entry in game time. Livejournal doesn't allow setting the times of comments, and it would be too much work to put a date and time on every comment anyway. Readers who care to analyze comment dates and times may assume that the order of comments is true to the order they were written, but the times mean nothing else.

Out of Character

Out of character information (including summaries, guidelines, a character wishlist, and an application) can be found in the OOC community intimeofwar_ooc.


The first entry can be found here.